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The Art of Effective Leadership

Sarah Berry

By: John Birch, CEO

Regardless of all other factors, the true art of effective leadership can be boiled down to 4 Major Key Factors:

  1. Always maintain or improve your employees self-esteem. Damaging an employee's self-esteem will severely effect engagement, behavior and overall production.

  2. Focus on your employees behavior, not your perception of someone's attitude (the most difficult of the 4 Keys).

  3. Always encourage the participation of those you lead and others around you. Heaven forbid that they may have a better answer or solution than you do. Those participating are those that are engaged. Put your ego aside.

  4. "Shut Up" and "Actively Listen" to what others may have to say. Looking at your PC, multitasking, texting, and thinking about other issues are a sure way to disengage someone. Think about how you feel when it's done to you.

Most management books, although they may have some great ideas, primarily discuss techniques to achieve the above 4 Keys.