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Positive Impact Life for Coaches & Mentors

Ryan Piraneo

By: John Birch, CEO

As business or personal coaches, our primary responsibility is to help our clients grow personally and professionally. Through understanding our clients and their needs, we as coaches facilitate changes away from self-defeating behaviors that block our clients from achieving their full potential. In order to help our clients succeed, we need to also help teach them how to properly plan and monitor growth while providing the necessary feedback. The result being they become more personably accountable for their own actions and progress. In short, as coaches, our ultimate goal is to get them to the point where they no longer need us to be successful.

Have you ever wondered what could help you facilitate your clients’ progress on a regular basis even if you don’t meet with them regularly? We are pleased to introduce you to Positive Impact Life (PIL), our new system developed specifically for coaches and mentors. PIL is a revolutionary new cloud based change management system.  PIL helps coaches and mentors increase their effectiveness by providing a tool that allows you to teach your clients the process of how to develop clear and concise action plans, prioritize their goals and objectives, while being able to monitor their weekly, monthly, and yearly results.

What separates PIL from other assessments is the ability to let you work with your client on identifying and changing those self-defeating behaviors, developing a personal action plan and monitoring their progress in ten minutes or less each week. PIL has already been used and tested by coaches, most who don’t necessarily meet with their clients on a regular basis. The results have been overwhelmingly favorable. As you and your clients work together, the ability to identify need for improvement, self-evaluation skills, as well as personal accountability and commitment to their goals are greatly enhanced.

PIL is perfect for:

·      Professional Coaching

·      Weight Loss

·      Pain Management

·      Sales Team Training and Development

·      Sports Teams

·      Cultural and Change Management

Please feel free to contact us if you are serious about creating cultural change, enhancing sales, training or improving your effectiveness as a coach or mentor. We would be pleased to give you an on-line demonstration to show you how Positive Impact Life can help your clients to reach their goals. We look forward to hearing from you.